Personal Training

Personal to the individual and one on one. It is geared specifically to what you, the client needs and takes the guesswork out of the question – am I doing the right exercises? With the choice of so many gyms and various exercise equipment, it can be difficult to decide what training to do.

This is where a personal trainer comes in. Producing a specific training plan, which is tailored to your individual needs. With me as your trainer I will motivate and encourage you to achieve your goals and beyond.

Following an in depth consultation, fitness assessment and completing specifically designed questionnaires, I am able to gather information about your health, lifestyle, expectations and preferences. With this blueprint of information we can establish realistic and measurable short and long term goals and develop an exercise programme that WILL WORK!!


This uses the principles and training techniques of boxing, without the contact side of being hit or hitting an opponent. It is an extremely fun way to get fit and helps to expel the stress of everyday life! When performed correctly it is a very effective cardiovascular/strength workout.

Weight training:

Weight training or resistance training is needed to maintain and build muscle. By actively overloading, muscle fibres gain in strength and tone is achieved. With more muscle fibres the body’s metabolism is increased, which in turn will burn more fat.


Nutrition is a vital component in the battle to gain fitness and aid weight loss. It’s quite simple, if you drive a car you have to put the right fuel into it in order for it to perform at its best. The body works in the same way and the right nutrition will achieve the best results. By completing a food diary for a week we can get started on your fitness plan, by checking you are feeding your body the correct fuel.

Core fitness:

The core muscles are those that help to develop and maintain good posture. The core muscles lie deep within the trunk of the body and include the ‘six pack’ and the deep transverse muscles. Back pain is increasingly common in the UK with, on average, eight out of ten people being affected at some point in their lives. Core stability can be improved through specific exercises and can strengthen