Kettlercise is a total transformation class that tones and strengthens your whole body. We use light kettlebells to perform specific movements that engage as many muscles in the body as possible. Kettlercise is a fun and energetic class that uses 37 different exercises to keep classes new and varied. You’ll be hard pressed to find another class like this, as we are the only studio to offer this one of three specialised kettlebell workouts in the Cambridge area.


Kettlercise uses a system of kettlebell exercises to skyrocket the body’s metabolic system. The Kettlercise classes are systematised so that you can logically progress up the ranks. We start light and work our way up but often we find that done right, lightweight kettlebells are all that is needed for a great workout. By covering up to 37 different exercises, each class burns through calories and stimulates fat loss. It is safe and easy to follow but must be carried out with someone qualified and experienced.


Many kettlebell instructors throw their clients in at the deep end and expect them to struggle with heavy weights. They teach improper techniques, which inevitable leads to injury and dissatisfaction. Our classes are designed to be intense and challenging but not at the expense of safety. We believe in supporting one another and never burden our clients with more than they can handle. Kettlercise is the perfect group exercise class to achieve your fitness goals in record time.

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