Boxercise is a fun way to experience the intensity of boxing training within a fun and safe environment. This means we focus solely on fitness as opposed to getting hit in the head. In fact, Boxercise is completely non contact so we cater for men and women of all fitness levels.

In a typical class, we will run through some challenging boxing drills. These may include shadow boxing, skipping, hitting pads and the much loved conditioning routines of press-ups, sit-ups and shuttle runs. Boxercise is a great way to make friends, learn some solid techniques and improve your overall physical fitness.


Boxing is for everyone – no matter your age, size or ability Boxercise caters for all. Many people forget that even the top level professional boxers had to start from somewhere, so don’t be put off by a lack of experience. If you attend 3 times a week, you will be in peak physical fitness within 12 weeks. Boxing, kickboxing and any martial arts should never be taught by someone lacking experience. With his 20 years of training and competing at an international level, Junior is the perfect trainer to hone your boxing skills.

Boxing releases your aggression – teaching you the correct technique in a safe environment, we allow you to express yourself intensely and aggressively. We don’t use contact but we encourage that you get after your workout and release some of that built up tension. Over time, this helps you become more controlled and more confident in protecting yourself outside of the gym.

Boxing forges discipline – people don’t realise that boxing is more about mental discipline than it is physical strength. Giving you strong fundamentals at JH Fitness Academy, we provide you with coping strategies that you can implement in other areas of your life. We aim to give you back control over your emotions and mind, whilst improving your physical fitness.

Boxing helps you focus – our Boxercise class is perfect for the shy and understated. I’ve worked countless hours with overweight kids that I’ve seen grow from low self-esteem to confident and proud. Learning how to protect yourself is a great way to avoid being bullied and feeling low. These principles work well with kids but amazingly with adults too.


Boxercise classes are carried out by registered Boxercise coaches. Each class involves a light warm up with a series of boxing drills and a run-through of skills. Once the class starts, we work to build your anaerobic and aerobic fitness systems. This means that although we like to improve how long you can train, we also like to make you more powerful and explosive. This class is challenging and achieves big results, so only enrol if you are prepared to work.

Every time you leave one of our Boxercise classes, you will have improved your fitness but also learnt a new skill. By focussing on a different skill in each class, you will forget how hard you are working and you will end up more confident as your skill set develops.

What the studies say:

  • Increases mental agility – training methods used by boxers such as pad drills and sparring leads to better decision making.
  • Better hand-eye coordination – developed both on the left and right side of the body. Boxing offers total and even coordination development as opposed to one sided sports such as golf or tennis.
  • Improved stamina – boxing training not only makes your lungs stronger but it also makes you extremely powerful. It is the perfect way to develop total fitness.
  • Functional core strength – boxing is not just throwing punches. You use your whole core to twist and project power. This develops functional core strength and helps to improve problems such as lower back pain.
  • Stronger muscles – boxing improves the ‘look good’ muscles but also the muscles you use everyday to carry out tasks. You’ll find the more classes you attend, the more you’re able to do in real life.
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